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We will help you to successfully engage others and earn their trust, whether you seek to fuel your own career or wish to take your team’s performance to the next level. Check out our interpersonal communications and business development coaching services and seminars.

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Do you want to develop profitable professional relationships with business owners, corporate leaders and other professionals?

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We’ll show you how! Evan Thompson and Associates will help you develop and implement your own strategies to build trust through effective communication.

Trust lies at the foundation of any successful relationship. By honing in on personal brand development and enhancing essential networking skills, we equip individuals and teams with the practical tools and personal insight necessary to succeed.

Why Personal Brand Development?

Strong personal brand and business relationship building skills will benefit you both personally and professionally by allowing you to put forward a powerful presence in all of your interactions with clients, customers, colleagues, and prospects. Your presence needs to be credible so you have the ability to effectively engage and build robust professional relationships with clients, customers, prospects and colleagues.
Purposeful business and personal brand development at all levels of an organization determines its success. You may be a professional who could benefit from Executive Coaching. Or, as a business owner or team leader, you want to implement a series of Team Workshops to sharpen your team member’s interpersonal communications skills. Event organizers may seek an experienced and engaging Speaker. And, organizations and individuals can also benefit from professional Writing Services.


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Build your business by strengthening each individual on your team, empowering them to build profitable relationships with clients, prospects, and colleagues.

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Put your best foot forward in any situation whether social, career advancement, or business building.

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