Christine, Marketing
XCO Ltd.

“My time working with Evan has been invaluable.
He helped me identify specific communication challenges I face professionally and provided suggestions for improvement. My interpersonal skills have improved under his guidance and I now have the knowledge and tools to continue to grow in this area.
I have also developed better techniques to run and participate in effective meetings.
The biggest take away from my time with Evan was the need for empathy in the workplace. I know that I can improve myself professionally by focusing on three key pieces of information we discussed related to interpersonal relationships:
1. Listen to learn
2. Build trust to improve teamwork
3. Increase efficiency through selflessness
He encouraged me to, Be authentic. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Adjust your approach while remaining genuine.
I am happy to report that XCO has since offered me a full-time position and a pay increase. “
Basim Mirza
Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand, President at Mirza International
“Evan mentored me and gave me tremendous insight into the business world when I most needed it. His dedication to the craft of communication inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, and join the industry. As a fellow marketing professional I can definitely say that I have met few people that share the same passion and care for serving clients’ needs.”
Susan Latremoille
Director, Wealth Management / Wealth Advisor / Managing Wealth for Growth and Purpose
“Evan is a first rate communicator. His strategic mind, knowledge of the financial industry and personal relationship skills all add up to a unique and highly skilled professional.”
Keir Clark
CIM, FCSI, FICB, PFP, Branch Manager, Senior Wealth Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager & Associate Director WM at ScotiaMcLeod
“Thankfully I was introduced to Evan as I was in the process of investing in a web presence for my business. He has a deep understanding of our industry. He has an amazing ability to craft messages into concise, highly effective pieces of communication – easily interpreted and understood by clients. I would not hesitate to do business with Evan again. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with effectively communicating what’s been happening in markets, who you are, what you do and why clients should deal with you.”
César Kupfer Jarmain
Director & President of Emeriti Canada Real Estate Investments Ltd.

“Evan has helped me with my business. He is very insightful in his work and he works with you in a personable manner.

I would recommend Evan based on his integrity and ingenuity.”

Marlene Kane
LL.B, Director of Professional Development, National McMillan LLP
“(Throughout your workshop) you delivered practical advice in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. You did a very good job tailoring your etiquette advice to our students (i.e. cocktail events and dinners) with the result that all of the information was relevant for them. Your sense of humour, which certainly enhanced the seminar, always remained professional and formal. The students really appreciated the interactive nature of the session and responded well to you.

We would love to have you back next year for our summer students!”

Susan Clarke
Partner, Director of Professional Development Gowling WLG
“Evan Thompson recently led a practical session for Gowlings’ Toronto articling students and first year associates on the art and science of business etiquette.  Using gentle humour and active group role-play, Evan armed our participants to smoothly face common stressful business situation – from meeting new people to navigating a large social setting and eating dinner with clients.  The Firm can now have confidence that our Gen Ys  know how to represent the firm in a professional manner.”
Jim Sanderson
Aggregate Industries Wealth Management at ScotiaMcLeod.
“I have recommended Evan for his ability to write about complicated investing concepts in a way that investors with varying levels of knowledge can understand and benefit from. Evan has been writing for the financial services industry for nearly three decades and clearly understands what is important to investors and what they expect from their trusted advisors.

I have also appreciated his ability to run with an idea, build a story around it and have it completed in a specific time frame.”

Mark Barnicutt
President, CEO and Co-Founder HighView Financial Group
“Evan Thompson made a valuable contribution to the HighView Financial Group’s website content creation and overall theme and tone. His work reflects his deep understanding of the needs of affluent families and business owners and how their trusted advisors can build on that trust to ensure their client relationships continue to grow.”
Anne Wildfong
Portfolio Manager, Leon Frazer & Associates
“I have had the opportunity to experience Evan’s writing skill on several different levels. He has detailed knowledge of the subject, he is inventive with his ideas and implementation and he is very personable to work with.”
Steve Lowrie
Portfolio Manager at Lowrie Financial
“I benefited from Evan’s writing skills when he assisted me with a series of market commentaries that successfully communicated my investment philosophy with clients.

I also gained from Evan’s strategic abilities when he helped me effectively position my services to investors during the creation of my own independent practice. He is easy to work with, collaborative and really understands how financial advisors can best communicate with clients and prospects”

Kristin Doucet
Director of Communications and Media Relations at Advocis
“Evan has written several articles for FORUM Magazine and I am always impressed with the level of knowledge, attention to detail and excellent writing skills that he brings to each assignment.”
Michael Birbari
Director, Private Client Group, Branch Manager at DWM Securities Inc.
“Evan is meticulous with his level of communication and leaves nothing to chance. He is extremely thorough in his work and has a vital command of the English language.”
Yvonne Huh
Sales Representative, Royal Le Page R.E.S. Ltd., Johnson & Daniel
“Evan and I partnered on a public relations project, and I was thrilled with the results we achieved in record time. Evan is truly the crème de la crème in his his field and I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for excellence.”
Lauren Pibworth
Brand Strategist and Founder of Pibworth Professional Solutions.
“I have had the privilege of having Evan Thompson on my stage twice now, and he has never disappointed.  His speaking style has a very real and authentic quality, yet he still has the ability to engage and get the entire audience laughing.   A consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Tom Buecking
Respected Leader in Loyalty and Relationship Marketing
“I gained a variety of useful networking tips during our three hour session, led by Evan Thomson with enthusiasm and a lot of group interaction.”